The Impact Of Organizational Behavior On A Company 's Culture

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Mullen-RhoadsRMGT7006-8-7: The Impact of Organizational Behavior on a Company’s Culture Company X is an American-based organization that specializes in the research and development of specialty chemicals and equipment for applications in high tech industries. In addition, although Company X does license some manufacturing rights, it also produces many of its own specialty chemicals as well it all its equipment. Company Y is an Asian-based organization that specializes in monomers and polymers, that is, the base chemicals that are used in the development of Company X’s specialty chemicals. At this time, Company X is in the process of negotiating a merger with Company Y. The leaders of both organizations anticipate this merger will facilitate market benefits that will move the newly formed company to the next platform of success in several markets. One particular benefit will be the entry of the products produced by Company X into the Asian market. However, for the merger to be successful the leaders of Company X and Company Y realize that issues surrounding organizational behaviors must be overcome. Introduction Every merger is demanding on individuals at all levels of the organizations involved (Appelbaum, Gandell, Yortis, Proper, & Francois, 2000; Buiter & Harris, 2013). In addition to the financial perspective, there are many parts that must be managed during a merger, including people and processes (Appelbaum et al., 2000; Buiter & Harris, 2013; Mackenzie &
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