The Impact Of Organizational Change On Change Management

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Change is a phenomenon which is inevitable in every aspect of human life and it is always constant despite the fact that people do resist change due to some reasons. Organizational change is also a phenomenon which cannot be avoided by organization, because internal and external factors exist which can cause an organization to change. According to Mills an et al (2008) organization change can be defined as an alteration of a core aspect of an organization’s operations. Theses core aspects involve culture of the company, the technology used or the structure of the organization. This report will evaluate the impact of organizational changes.

Change Management
The change Management function will assess the nature and magnitude of the change as a result of the change programme and who it will affect. In parallel to this, the team should put in place measures to assess how ready people are for the change. As an output of the change readiness assessments, and any areas of the organisation who look to be particularly resistant to change or are facing a significant volume of change can be given specific focus. The readiness to change will be measured across the project lifecycle to monitor and track the sentiment of the organisation.

Policies and Procedures against the Strategic Plan
Once reviewed, policies which had been developed in response to meeting the requirements of the strategic plan must b reviewed to identify those that require change. The time taken
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