The Impact Of Organizational Culture, And Effect Of Family Choice

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This study includes an in-depth critical review of relevant literature to provide a comprehensive foundation for the research. The literature review consists of theoretical perspectives and previous research findings related to the lack of women in top-level leadership positions in the corporate arena, with an emphasis on women in engineering leadership positions. The review provides a focus for the study and reports the important concepts and data related to leadership positions for women in engineering. The review includes an overview of the advantages of mentoring, the impact of organizational culture, and effect of family choice. Arrays of resources were employed for the literature review relevant to the project and to answer the research question. Textbooks, professional periodicals and journals, online databases, and other reference materials were used to gather the data for the review of the literature. The researcher utilized the university online database, articles from professional publications, journals, dissertation research, web site articles and books to collect data appropriate to the topic. This literature review examines the evolution of the role of women in the workforce from the 1950’s through to present day.
Research Design The research design is intended to provide a method for collecting real world information that will transition into a cohesive structure (Patten, 2004). The design aligns
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