The Impact Of Ostomy Surgery On Body Image

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Title. The Impact of Ostomy Surgery on Body Image: A Rapid Review
Aim. This paper is a report of a literature review conducted to answer the question ‘How has the perception of body image following stoma formation been explored and interpreted through existing research?’
Finding. Broad themes of perception of body image following stoma formation identified:
1. That the initial reaction to seeing the stoma stays with the ostomate. Therefore, pre- and post-operative education is needed.
2. That for all patients, their hospital course and discharge experiences are crucial to maintaining a positive body image. Their satisfaction with the care received, confidence in changing the appliance, and the support of the staff nurse all appeared to affect patient’s body image.
3. That body image testing may also be of benefit before surgery as patient with poor scores tended to have poorer body image, post-surgery. Based on the score, patients could be offered psychological support before and after ostomy surgery, to help with adjustment.
These findings highlight the impact that a change in body image has on the ostomate. They suggest the need for further research into body image, to explore how ostomates adapt to change, so that healthcare services can be more individualized to patient needs. Understanding the individual’s experience of body image changes related to living with a stoma may help to inform clinical practices and direct the focus of education programs.…
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