The Impact Of Passenger Safety On The Airline Industry

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The Evolution of Passenger Safety in the Airline Industry The airline industry is still a fairly young one. Is hasn’t been so long ago that that grandparents were still alive that were born before an airplane ever flew. Before the Wright brother ever got there first airplane off of the ground, the surely already were aware of the hazards and the safety issues associated with their task. Nonetheless, their task was accomplished. Today’s aviation business are no different. Although safety is very important, there still has to be a balance in calculated risk are taken in order to get the job done.
An Overview Aviation throughout the years has proved to be the safest form of travel available. Historically, fatalities from commercial jet aircraft has been less than half of that from automobiles. Many things have contributed to the improvements in aircraft safety. There have been massive improvement in the aircraft themselves, as well as onboard avionics and engines. Economics has proved to be a major factor in the safety of aircraft. When aircraft crash, it hurts the entire industry. True that it will hurt the sale of tickets to the airline that had the crash, but it will also hurt the reputation of the airline industry as a whole. It is very advantageous to the entire industry to share information, and to make the industry as safe as possible for the good of all. The investigations of aircraft accidents have helped the industry to advance tremendously. With the aid of onboard…
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