The Impact Of Patient Centered Care On Quality Of Patient Care

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The Impact of Patient-Centered Care on Quality of Patient Care Rachel Stoller, RN Robert Morris University What would happen if patients were able to create their own healthcare experience? What would it look like? How would they benefit? I plan to discuss these hypotheticals through research regarding Patient-Centered Care. After all, studies and surveys performed by the Institute of Medicine and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, read that engaged patients in any health care setting, have better perceived health outcomes, thus higher actual quality patient outcomes. Relating to the above, I believe that engaged learners have a better understanding of the material and thus more effective practice outcomes. Because of this belief, I would use informal lecture coupled with a series of patient narratives and class discussions regarding the patient-centeredness of care-team and patient interactions. In teams, we would discuss patient outcomes, care team involvement and behaviors, provider prompts, patient prompts, professional responsibility, what was and was not patient-centered, barriers to care and areas of opportunity to meet patient needs. After discussion, those learning would be responsible to research an assigned condition and to create a patient centered experience for either a primary care or acute interaction. Information Outline I. Harvey Picker, The Picker Institute and Institute of Medicine a. Explain the origin of PCC b. Define PCC II.
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