The Impact Of Personal Growth Projects On Leadership Identity Development

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Leadership skill and ability is measured the same way it is developed: through the use of practical application and reflective observation. A strong leader can’t be made in a vacuum or by studying leadership theories. He or she must be tested, tried, and revealed through the heat and pressure of real-life experiences, both accidental and intentional. The following review presents a discussion of three articles related to leadership development. This discussion will identify the themes shared by the three articles followed by a presentation of the author’s recommendations for application of the concepts presented in the articles.
The first article presented and discussed is Impact of Personal Growth Projects on Leadership Identity Development (2012) written by Summer Odom, Barry Boyd, and Jenifer Williams. In this article, the authors performed a study to determine what the impact of using a Personal Growth Project (PGP) to help students develop self, which they identified as the first step in developing effective leadership. In the Literature Review, authors referred to various leadership development theories, including Jean Piaget, who identified four phases in which the learners (1) have a concrete experience, (2) reflect upon their experience, (3) conceptualize what could have been improved, and (4) actively experiment with future experiences to improve their skill set and understanding of self. For the purposes of their study, the authors focused on Piaget’s first
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