The Impact Of Photography On The World Of Photography

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The history of photography begin with the discovery that some substances are visibly altered by exposure to light and can capture that reality on to metal or paper. From then on, many photographers and scientists developed photography in to what it is now. There are many significant aspects of photography in its first hundred years of history that formed and shaped the basis of photography technically and artistically. Personally, the most significant aspects of the photograph lie in its beginning when it all first started with the daguerreotypes and the calotype that opened the world of photography which have lead the world to be what it is now.
The first widely usable photographic processes that was introduced to the public were the daguerreotype and the calotype. There were precedents before the daguerreotype and calotype but it wasn’t commercially used and was more close to a research rather than an art form. Each method produced technically different outcomes by using different methods but they devoted to the same result: both processes would develop photography into what we recognize today as photography. The two methods would inspired wide use of the camera, which presented problems with the photographic technique. By having people solve these problems, the photography developed from its early stage, big in size and complicated procedures, to the modern camera that we use, which are simple and easy to use. Even though daguerreotype and calotype were developed during
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