The Impact Of Poor Nutrition On The Student'S Achievements.

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The Impact of Poor Nutrition On the Student 's Achievements


Chapter1: Introduction
The ability of the students in the schools to learn is being hindered by foods that are widely available in the schools which have affected the academic performance. The state of boards in the schools have been in a mission to improve the education systems in schools which in return will improve the academic performance of the students. To achieve this, they have to find the reasons as to why the students do not perform well or the things that hinder the performance of the students in schools. One of the areas that should be looked at is the kind of nutritional substances that are eaten by most of the school going children. There are national and …show more content…

These programs have been of great benefit to the students because their school attendance has improved and their academic performance have improved. Poor nutrition in students does not only affect their academic performance but also affects their social skills, cognitive development, learning and social behavior. However, there are some steps of actions that can be taken that will help to solve the problem of poor nutrition in schools. Some of this action may involve central themes including creativity, collaboration, and patience. Fixing the issue of poor nutrition among students will also help in tacking the health constituents that majority of the students suffer from such as obesity, undernourishment, and even eating disorders which have raised concern in the United States of America.
The issue of providing students from low-income families with nutritious meals has been debated for many years. As from the period of the Great Depression some schools started to offer their students with lunch and this had two major goals. The first goal of the school lunch program was to ensure that students from low-income families did not have poor nutrition by giving them meals with nutritional benefits. On the other hand, the second goal of the school lunch program was to make good use of the surplus agricultural commodities that the government had bought from

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