The Impact Of Pop Culture On The Music Industry

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The 1990’s was a stepping ground for the development of society as it is today. Through television, music, art and technology American social structures experienced huge changes. Gone were the days of the Huxtables where nuclear families displayed perfect, well put together families. 80’s music once filled with electric synthesizers and singers professing their love for their partners evolved into Hip Hop and Grunge music that discussed the grittiness of real life and the human struggle most people actually faced. As the decade passed pop culture continued to influence the youth culture with the help of artists such as Robert Wyland and Banksy who brought in a new enlightenment for the preservation of nature and social commentary of war and social injustices. In addition, with technological advancements and the mainstream use of cell phones, personal computers and the advent of the internet, the teens of the 1990’s began to pave the way towards a more global society.
Pop culture in the 1990’s had a strong presence in the development of the music industry as a whole; particularly the grunge and hip hop music industries. Shifting from the usual Pop music that once invaded the list of Top 40’s by artists such as Duran Duran and the Human League, music soon evolved into a darker, more introspective genre called Grunge. This style of music derived from Seattle, Washington in the late 1980’s but was not popularized until the early to mid-1990’s. Grunge music addressed…
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