The Impact Of Pop Industry On The Music Industry

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When discussing the pop-industry today a general belief seems to form, that young musicians who grew up with either rich or famous parents compose the majority of the industry. On the other hand, the alternative genres of music are typically made up of people who grew up in the middle-class or lower class. Unfortunately their music never finds a market or receives play on the radio. That said, technical avenues still exist for the alternative artist to make music. Twitter, Spotify and Apple Music offer opportunities for a musician to promote their music. Also, live gigs and collaborations help boost a person’s music profile. Unfortunately, even with these benefits, many musicians cannot make enough money to support their needs and the musician quits the industry. Some artists, prevail, prepare, reevaluate and continue the dream. A namely artist who has experienced the ups and downs of the music business but has had continued success is a man named Ed Sheeran. Although Ed Sheeran began his career as poor musician living on the streets, nevertheless his hard work and dedication allowed him to overcome poverty because of his desire to become a professional musician.

Ed Sheeran was born on February 17, 1991, in Halifax, West Yorkshire, in the United Kingdom. As a musician some of his greatest influences include Stevie Wonder, David Gray and Damien Rice. Sheeran met Damien Rice backstage during a concert at the age of 11, Rice then suggested that the young musician attempt to…
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