The Impact Of Popular Technology On Our Lives

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Business today is overrun by technology. This has been a great way for companies to grow and run more efficiently. Twenty years ago, communicating with foreign firms or trying to work from home was much more difficult than it is today. But, because technology is so infused in our lives, it can easily do more harm than good if not used appropriately. In order to understand the aspects of popular technology today, I’m going to discuss some advantages and disadvantages of email messages, text messages, and working virtually from home. Email has grown substantially in the workplace over the past decade. It’s a great way to send a quick memo to coworkers or to communicate with foreign customers without picking up the phone. Email is used for sending messages, transferring data, and keeping businesses connected; but there are many disadvantages if used incorrectly. There are many key points to keep in mind when typing emails. Always think before replying; sometimes when you reply too quickly to emails, the reader will expect you to always reply quickly. It’s very important to wait before replying especially if you are angry or upset. Sending an email before calming down could do a lot of harm. Emails also need to be universally understood; if you think a phrase may be taken the wrong way, don’t type it or type it in a different way. For example, you may type, “Come on Bill, get your act together!” This can easily be read as rude instead of in a joking, light-hearted manner as

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