The Impact Of Pre Colonised Australian And Its Indigenous Populations

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This essay will describe what the Gammage Thesis is and how it impacts on the perception of pre-colonised Australian and its indigenous populations. The Gammage thesis is the theory that Australia in its entirety had been managed and shaped by the Aboriginal communities, tending to it as one might a private park. William Gammage, author of the book “The Biggest Estate on EARTH: How Aboriginals Made Australia” describes in great detail Australia’s environment before and after the British colonisation and the destruction of the native populations, as well as giving huge amounts of evidence supporting his theory. William (Bill) Gammage is a professor at the Australian National University; studying and teaching Aboriginal Land Managements in 1788. He is author to a number of books about Australian warfare and Aboriginal history and is the originator of the Gammage Thesis. Gammage believes, and gives well-documented evidence, that the Australia discovered by the first colonisers was not its natural state, but the accumulation of thousands of years shaping by the Indigenous people using the fire-stick methods to suit their needs (3). In order to understand his reasoning, one must first understand that what the ‘fire-stick method’ actually is. The act of burning the land at specific times interrupts the reproductive rates of slow growing species and allows greater diversity, as well as allowing younger, more desired plants to take root (2). The production of fresher plants cause
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