The Impact Of Pre K Reform On The Issue Of School Readiness

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There are various education reforms in the United States today, however there was one reform that was looked at closely by the author of Reforming Preschool to Ready Children for Academic Achievement: A Case Study of the Impact of Pre-K Reform on the Issue of School Readiness, Christopher Brown. This article focuses on in depth research that has been done for a reform on preschools in Texas which aims to reduce the gap in education. During this research, Brown was able to look closely at the effects of the reform and how it either benefited or had no difference on the school’s growth. In order to do this he tried out the TEEM approach in these various schools in Texas. Through this process he also tried to figure out what could
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Overall, the TEEM approach seemed to benefit the majority of the schools, and seemed to help build that gap between pre-k and kindergarten.
Critical Analysis: The purpose of this article was to research why early childhood education workers want to make changes to a system that is very similar to the pre-k programs that are currently taking place. They wanted to see how effective other programs such as TEEM was for the students as well as the teachers. Readying children for kindergarten is the main goal of preschool educators and through Brown 's research he was able to find out how effective TEEM truly was. Through this research they discovered that it was working well inside a majority of the classrooms. The teachers were able to see noticeable improvements from the students as well as with themselves. From the administration 's point of view, the reform with TEEM was making noticeable differences, "In all, these elementary school stakeholders saw this model of pre-K reform working because it produced students who fit their conception of school readiness.” (Brown, Christopher, n.d.). Not only was it affecting the students, but the principle of one of the schools really saw a change as well. It was stated in the article, “The principal likes TEEM because she sees the results
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