The Impact Of Privacy On Usage Trends For Social Networking Sites

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The rise of social media networks and web applications has amounted to a large amount of multimedia data being produced and communicated across the world. Although user awareness for risks associated with using these websites and applications is at an abysmally low levels as measured by an independent survey. The risks and challenges such as identity theft and disclosure of sensitive information should be properly addressed towards customers to avoid any potential loss of their private and personal information. The main purpose of this analysis is to understand and examine the effect of privacy issues in usage trends for Social Networking sites (SNS). Social issues in social media websites Using Social Networking sites is widely seen as a fun and easy leisure activity among people. Social Networking site has enabled users to keep in touch with friends and family, staying connected with people and finding new people to interact by extending their social circle, users can easily find people with the same interests. Nonetheless, the image of Social Networking site is under substantial assault from news media and online bloggers for reasons such overall spam crusades, sexual stalkers, stalkers, kid molesters. Now Social Networking site users are concerned regarding their privacy (especially women who speak on social issues). The first problem is that social media websites does not inform its users, dangers of publishing their personal information on a public front.

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