The Impact Of Providing Information Technology Training For The Personnel Across A Healthcare Setting Essay

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Introduction The range of potential possibilities of implementing information technology across healthcare firms in the United States of America is extremely high mainly due to technological progress. The expected outcome of implementing information technology systems is to provide sager and enhanced quality of care that promptly responds to the requirements of patients and is highly effective. The below paper will discuss the impact of providing information technology training to the personnel across a healthcare setting. It will explore the possible challenges and the advantages of extending in-house training to healthcare professionals. At the same time, the paper will discuss the significance of making the healthcare professionals understand the advantages of information exchange and record keeping by implementing sophisticated information technology (Lluch, 2011). Some of the significant technologies that can help in enhancing the collection of information in a healthcare setting are as follows: a) Electronic records of patients b) Structured entry of information c) Sophisticated technology interfaces d) Laptops and portable computers e) Capturing information related to monitoring and diagnostics of patients by using automation f) Relational databanks having online query g) Computer networks Imparting information technology training to healthcare personnel Healthcare personnel needs to be trained to use the sophisticated technologies. Especially in a healthcare
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