The Impact Of Public Relations On The Public Bureau

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There are various publications that trace the emergence of public relations to the Public Bureau which was established in 1900. There are however various scholars such as Bernays (2013) who trace the history of public relations to early forms of communication management and public influence in early civilization such as the movement that was aimed at abolishing slavery in England and the settling of the New World. This treatise will carry out a meticulous analysis on a concrete overview of the specialization which will be backed by how the PR specialization has developed historically and also the importance. In addition, the study will also highlight the advantages and the disadvantages of the PR specialization and also the pros and cons…show more content…
During the world wars, there was a plethora of propaganda that was issued by the Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States which rallied for domestic support and to repel away enemies which led to more efforts on publicity which triggered the emergence of public relations in the commercial sector. In the United States, there are those who opine that public relations in the country was started by Edward Bernays and Ivy Lee who spread it in the country before spreading to other countries. There are in fact those who credit the Americans with the spread of PR to Europe through the Marshall plan that was formed after the creation of the subsidiaries in Europe.
The professional development era is thought to have begun during the second half of the twentieth century (Olasky, 2013). This is because of the fact that this is when various international PR agencies, PR news magazines and academic principles were established. Press release services and social media press releases were established in early 2000.
Despite the controversy that surrounded the Cluetrain manifesto in late 1999 which revealed that the social media will have a huge impact in the next decade but this controversy ended in 2006 when social media and other new technologies such as the internet became broadly accepted. The development of public relations in the new decade was spurred through the
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