The Impact Of Race On Urban America And The Way It Has Affected With Shaped The Spatial Organization Of Cities

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During module #3 I was very shocked at some of the findings I discovered. I never realized how much the role of race in urban America and the way it has affected and shaped the spatial organization of cities. Being asked this question prior to this module I would of had no idea what was going on. I never thought about poverty, race, where people live and why they live there, or even crime in areas like I do now. It shocks me to see how much cities and people living in the cities are struggling from poverty and how race is a major factor in all of this. Thinking back on Davenport, and what has been going on in my home town has really helped me connect all the things we have learned in class to my life. Poverty, crime, race, and where…show more content…
Starkey explains that it has a great deal to do with the generation before them, and where their parents lived and did. Another graph explains this statement. The graph explains the percentage of blacks and whites living in a poor neighborhood over consecutive generations; 48% black, 7% white (Sharkey 39). This was hard for me to understand at first, I kept wondering well why can’t they just move somewhere else? Why did they have to stay in a poor neighborhood like where they grew up in? They didn 't have to, I know that but I know when I think about these questions I think about how if I was put into that situation I would want to get out, but I would be familiar with it already, and comfortable where I was. I feel like many people are scared of change. I know I sometimes am. This also kind of ties into what Karl Cassell talked to us about, he explained that parents are responsible for leaving their children with some type of inheritance, or a part of their parents life that would benefit their children in their future. People in poor neighborhoods don 't have the wealth to get their children started into a life they deserve so then it’s put on the children to do something with their life and make something of themselves. Chapter 5 of Sharkey I came crossed a graph that saddened me. The section of the graph says, “Parent does
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