The Impact Of Religion On Human Culture

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For centuries, human culture has been influenced in a multitude of ways by many means but none have had such an impact as religion. It has had countless wars waged in its name, even to this day. Billions believe in some divine being(s) that transcends the ugliness of humanity that 's omnipotent and omniscient. Religion became a guide and a representation of how our lives should be led. However, history has brought evidence that made it possible for this notion to be criticized and rather, flipped. The majority of the human race believes that religion shaped our culture but it is rather the other way round, in that the culture of our ancestors, the Mesopotamians and the Hebrews shaped religion to explain the natural world and as a reflection of their lives and tribulations.
During the age of Mesopotamia, climate change was still a key factor in the survival of civilizations but did not work on a global scale as it did before during cooling and warming periods. One day of bad weather could destroy a year’s worth of crops for a family and displace them without any means of self sustainability. It would be a millennium until food could be brought to the area again. To the average human living in Mesopotamia at the time, this would have been chaos, living in fear for when everything that was earned would be destroyed.
This erratic behavior of nature could not be summed up as one god for there were no rhythms or patterns to be discern so to compensate for that, each aspect of…
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