Impact Of Religion On Youth Essay

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Religiously Organized Groups in Universities from a Youth Perspective

Although how youth associate religion has been discussed in literature to a varying degree, this literature review will mainly focus on four major themes found in the relevant peer reviewed articles of recent studies. Those themes are, impact of religion on youth, youth and organized religious groups, religious groups and social capital and religious involvement of youth in university context. While literature presents the above themes in a variety of contexts, this review will investigate religion and religious based organizations in universities from a youth perspective.

Impact of Religion on Youth
The literature provides two major areas in which religion impacts on youth at individual level. By citing Benson (2003), Donelson (1999), King & Boyatzis (2004) King and Furrow (2008) argue that religion in youth lives serves two major purposes, one is promotion of positive moral development and second is protection against risky conduct of activities. Similarly religious associations of youth often act as a protective measure against wrong behavior and wrong conduct of sex or premarital sex, it promotes good healthy practices and supports youth in coping up stressed situations (Hopkins, 2007), (Cusack, 2011). These arguments show that youth associate religion as it helps them to judge what is right and wrong in life and to maintain a respectful character which is acceptable to society. However these
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