Essay about The Impact Of Religious Settlers In Religious Times

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The places where we live today have not always been here. The way we live has not always been the same. In fact, very few places that existed back in the colonial times exist today. If they still exist, it is because of the success gained over the years gone by after the settlers came to the New World. Settlers came to the New World in search of many things. They came in search of gold, they came for new lives, and they came for religious freedom.

In England, during this time period, people were being judged, separated and persecuted on the basis of their religious beliefs. There were two groups of people that were unhappy with the Church. These groups came to be known as the Puritans and the Separatists.
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The Puritans are known for founding the Massachusetts Bay Colony. These people of the journey also set out for their self-government to be a commonwealth, which is a community founded on law and united by an agreement that the law would serve the common good of the people.

Among these people who were busy trying to remake a remarkable Christian life, there were people who didn’t necessarily agree with the common viewpoint. These people became known as dissenters. Dissenters were often persecuted for their beliefs, and just a few up and went and actually made a difference. They are still recognized today.

In the colony of Rhode Island, there was one main dissenter who was very well known. He was the assistant pastor in Salem in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. He had two main thoughts that got him into trouble with his community. One was the fact that he questioned the legality of the colony’s charter, since the Indians had not been paid for the taking of their land. Another point was the fact that he believed that the civil government of the colony had no right to punish religious dissenters. He felt that people’s personal views of the religion should not be punished because everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Soon after he stated his thoughts, Roger Williams was banished from the colony. He went off and founded Providence, which was the first village in what is
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