The Impact Of Retirement On The Older Person

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Table of Contents Introduction3 Findings4 Conclusion7 Signature7 Bibliography8 Introduction The following report will examine life after employment in regards to the older person. Firstly, it will discuss the various organisations that provide helpful and relevant information for those who are going to retire. Before looking at how retirement affects different ethnic groups, how health and therapeutic interventions can be enhanced and it will explain how family members can be included in the care of the older person. The sources used for this report includes books, journals and online websites. The role of the carer/organisation in promoting positive attitudes to ageing and retirement According to the latest central statistics office (CSO) figures, Irish men and women are living longer than ever before, life expectancy for women is 82.8 years while men are expected to live to an average age of 78.4 years (CSO 2015). Ralmore et al. (1985) described how older adults who adjusted well to retirement did so because they were satisfied in themselves, they were well educated, had good income, socialised with family and friends, were healthy and active. Stull and Hatch (1984) stated that older adults that hadn’t a good income, poor health and other stresses like retirement or death of a spouse tend to have a difficult time adjusting to retirement. A positive ageing strategy should provide a co-ordinated and combined approach to older
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