The Impact Of Scientific Theory On The Development Of The World

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Question One: Theory Part One Research is important in our society since it contributes to the development of the world we live in through the application of theory. Research allows us to investigate, experiment, develop, support and explore previous facts and work of new and existing theories. The research and the investigation of topics should be significant, relevant, and of interest to those working and studying in the field. A systematic approach using a research method that provides accurate, reliable, and selective critical use of data is necessary for conducting a good research. A good research supports or challenges existing theory. In the world of theory, theory in common language differs from scientific theory, and psychological theory. Theory in common language is use to mean a guess, idea or speculation that someone has about something that is not tested. Scientific theory is an explanation for a phenomenon based on previous observations that have been built on a set of facts and principles that will allow us to predict future behaviors and events . Psychology theory describes a behavior and make predictions about future behaviors, emotions, and thoughts of individuals. Nevertheless, knowing the terms and the differences about theories and concepts would allow researchers to have a better understanding on how to use and apply the terms in theory. The researcher must have a clear picture of how to develop a study that includes the adequate information
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