The Impact Of Sensory Processing Disorder On Development And Development

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Introduction The human life span is from conception to death and can be divided into eight different developmental periods. This essay will focus on the early childhood period that ranges from two to five or six years of age. Firstly, this essay will describe the typical developmental milestones during early childhood and how they play an important role in each developmental stage that follows. Secondly, it will analyse how the home and educational environments influence early childhood. Finally, it will define Auditory Processing Disorder and the characteristics of a child with this condition. This essay will demonstrate the significant impact Auditory Processing Disorder can have significant effects on development and in the future. Early childhood is one of the most critical developmental periods in a human’s lifespan. The child transitions from infancy and begins the essential changes needed before the next developmental period begins, middle childhood which begins at six years of age. Development refers to “the orderly patterns of change, as well as continuities that occur in an individual through their life span” (text, p3). Human development is determined by both genes and environmental influences or nature and nurture. Nature refers to heredity which is the passing of traits from parents to their children and maturation which is the changes biologically programmed by genes (text, p7). Nurture refers to the changes that occur due to the individual’s environment
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