The Impact Of Sexism On Social Media

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Women experience several occasions where they feel harassed or discriminated because of their gender. There are things that need to change in order to make women feel safe when exploring the internet. Sexism on social media has become a major problem over the past years, it lowers the self-esteem of women and makes them feel inferior. As a society, there are changes that must be made in order to fix this problem.
Sexist content on social media is becoming a bigger problem as more and more people are using the internet daily. Both Yvette Cooper and Ashley Judd, believe there are several things people can do to fix this problem. Author Yvette Cooper states that change on sexist content is vital because it not only affects women of this generation but it also affects future generations. She believes that it’s important society teaches the next generations that sexism on social media is not normal. At the TEDWomen event, actress Ashley Judd, talked about her experience and how she felt when she would receive sexist comments online. She states the change is crucial and the government has to do something to try and fix it. She states there has to be more rules and regulations among the internet in order to stop sexism on social media. On the other hand, Lebanese nut company, Alrifai, advertised their products in a sexist manner. The nuts in the advertisements were compared to men and women and how they are viewed based on their looks. Advertisements like these are proof that

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