The Impact Of Sexting In The Media

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The act of sexting is defined by “the sending of sexually explicit messages or images by cell phone” (“Sexting”). Different perspectives such as self-expression and lack of consent, make sexting a complex topic. The nefarious sexting cases reported to media is why sexting remains a negative topic. In the article, “Sexting as Media Production: Rethinking Social Media and Sexuality,” Amy Adele Hasinoff reviews the phenomenon of sexting by restructuring the concept as a media production. Hasinoff argues that this concept will encourage people to reassess sexting as a form of self-exploration, which will foster a society where affirmative consent and online privacy are mainstream. Mobile phones role in Western culture is why technology needs to be used to empower individuals. This idea begins with the impact that sexual expression has on one’s energy. In many spiritual practices, “sexuality is the highest form of transmutable energy” (LaMorgese, Huffington Post). This idea is mentioned in Dada Jyotirupananda’s book, Meditation: Searching the Real You. He is a teacher of tantric meditation, which is a sacred sexuality practice that focuses on expanding one’s consciousness and becoming one with one’s partner by slowly building sexual energy. This relates to the idea that performing sexual acts and exploring sexual desires helps people learn about themselves. In the chapter entitled “Sexuality and Spirituality,” Jyotirupanada claims that “Sexuality is part of our nature. So we
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