The Impact Of Shale Gas Revolution On Natural Gas From Shale Formation

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A crisis in global energy consumption has been increasingly discussed in many world energy forums which concern in the diminishing of fossil fuel and natural gas. Consequently, the US government has attempted to seek a new resource to serve the global energy demand (SHAFIEE, 2009). The natural gas from shale formation, abundant resources in US, has been discovered for a long time but there is no efficient method to extract the natural gas from this formation. Moreover, the route to convey the large amount of shale gas is one of our challenge that must be safe for human and environment, and it should be a low cost technique as well (ARMOR, 2013). Furthermore, the impact of shale gas revolution should be realized in a consequence of local protesters at the drilling sites or people who are directly affected from the extraction projects. Therefore, the aims of this project are to describe the most feasible technique and the future prospects in natural gas from shale formation. Background and Significance In a few decades, global natural gas demand has still sharply grown up every year. The world’s crude oil and natural gas reserves are usually the main resources for energy consumptions in our world. Consequently, the total amount of these reserves has been significantly regarded by the leading industrial countries (WANG, 2014). US government, especially, is the first leader who has attempted to seek the new energy resources for the American energy consumption (Fig. 1). Although

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