The Impact Of Smartphone Technology On Behavioral Health Care Essay

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Although there is a big variety of possibilities of smartphone technology bringing to behavioral health care, there are also several key issues that both professionals and users should be aware of. In the following section, a brief overview of primary issues is provided in order to point out some suggestions for a better user practice and the trend of the mHealth in mental health. 1. Security and Privacy Issues One big challenge is always around the security of the patients’ private data collected through those apps in devices. There came out a big deal of terrible news about accidental disclosure of users’ privacy in the past. Therefore, more and more users are aware of the risks to input confidential information into their mobile phones, needless to mention the mental health information which needs an even higher protection for privacy. This issue should be reviewed with patients at the very beginning of the app use. One of the common security issues is the loss of the device. With a personal password which can lock the device, patients’ privacy is somewhat protected. Moreover, some device manufacturers produce the function that can locate the phone when it is missing and remotely remove the data in the device, which can secure users’ privacy. In addition, some developers develop the function that users would have to input password to access the service in those high private apps. Other more complicated ethical security risks such as how the app companies will use the
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