The Impact Of Social Environment On Student Achievement And Productivity

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Along with the physical environment, the social environment can affect student achievement and productivity. Students should be given the opportunity to read and write about topics that interest them or are relevant to their experience in life. Some students dislike reading because they were forced to read literature that they did not enjoy or they had to complete activities that they did not like. It is very difficult to immerse oneself in a book if the reader cannot connect with the content, theme, or message. When students are given a wide variety of reading materials, they are “more likely to engage in voluntary reading” (McGaha & Igo, 2012, p. 418). However, many schools do not supply such literature that appeals to the students. “An optimal learning environment also allows students to choose their own reading materials, goals, ands standards for success--with time being scheduled in creative ways so they can thoroughly read materials before participating in full-class discussions of them” (Block, 2003, p. 223). When students are allowed to choose their own literature to read, motivation will be greater as the students were able to employ some freedom in the classroom rather than feeling forced to do something that they think would not be of interest to them. Research indicates that the more academic engaged time less accomplished readers/writers have, the greater their literacy gains will be" (Block, 2003). Recent studies have shown that when students were
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