The Impact Of Social Forces On Teenage Pregnancy

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Social forces play a role in our life much more often that one can conceive. Simple choices and decisions are influenced by one 's culture, religion, economic status, the degree of education, or even where one lives. How have these struggles to conform to societal norms shaped the person we are today? At the age of 17, I became pregnant. To say I was embarrassed is an understatement. I was the only pregnant student to attend my school, in fact, I was the first. The vast majority of society has become immune to the sight of a young, pregnant girl, however, in 1990 I was an oddity in the small, religious community in which I lived. I will first confess to being swayed by peer pressure. I allowed the stares, whispers, and rude comments to affect how I viewed myself. Being the talk of the school, teachers and students alike, was humiliating, thus I accepted the views of society on teenage pregnancy and altered my goals. I no longer thought I deserved to be a part of the school. I made them uncomfortable and this, in turn, made me uncomfortable and led to the decision to leave school. In May 1991, just prior to my class graduating, I received a GED. There has long been a stigma in our society regarding one 's level of education, or lack thereof. GED recipients are collectively viewed as dropouts, lazy, shortcut taking, underachievers who could not put forth the effort to receive a high school diploma, often times, one is anything but. Many factors can play a part

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