The Impact Of Social Media On Contemporary Business Communication

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“The impact of social media on contemporary business communication.” First at all we need to understand the Social media is the collective of an online Communication of Channels of dedicated to community- based system inputs, interagency, content-sharing and collaboration. The websites and the Applications of dedicated to Create a forum, a microblogging, social networking, the social bookmarking, and wikis are Among the different types of social media. Secondly, we need to know how business communication has changes over last 20 years. Verbal communication has decreased dramatically from just 20 years ago, when most of the technology used today did not even exist. For example, Email was one of the first forms of communication technology…show more content…
I decided to have my case study for company called “SAP”. About SAP : “SAP is the global leaders within the software and a service company level. There has nearly 67,000 employees globally, and more than 15,000 of SAP North America. They serve 25 different industrial and 12 business lines with the software company. They began of their social media attendance in 2010, those originally contracted to outside agencies of 4-6. In 2012, an executive have been investing in the social media for three years, but they do not have a good picture of what it does for the company. " How changes in business communication have impacted the way that business is being done now with SAP : Social Media Handles & Stats Company: SAP Blogs Website Twitter – 127,100 followers Facebook – 259,634 followers SlideShare – 12,132 followers LinkedIn – 461,944 followers YouTube – 14,235 subscribers Google+ – 21,228 followers Highlights • SAP social media has touched closes to eight of figures in business potential • SAP has influenced the deal progression in the multimillion-dollars range • Savings Reviews in the
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