The Impact Of Social Media On Corporate Communication Strategies

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This paper will explore the impact of social media on corporate communication strategies. It will examine what social media encompasses as well as an overview of social media from a historical context. Moreover, it will provide an in-depth explanation about the different types of social media. Furthermore, it will describe the steps involved in implementing a corporate social media strategy. In addition, it will delve into the influence that social media has on corporate reputation. It will also investigate varying controversies surrounding the use of social media in the corporate arena with regard to internal and external stakeholders.
Keywords: Social Media, Social Networking, Corporate Communication

Social Media is broadly defined as the use of electronic communication where a wide variety of content is shared in a public forum--this is done mainly through internet applications or websites. There are several different types of social media vehicles and hundreds of applications that drive them. Social networking in contrast, is the actual act of using the media to engage others. Unlike television, radio, or print ads, social media is not a place that you can visit, instead with is a way to disseminate information using two-way communication. Social networking is fundamentally a way to have to have a conversation globally that includes people from varying cultures and backgrounds that may or may not share similar experiences. Grahl
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