The Impact Of Social Media On Individuals And Businesses Alike

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The introduction of social media carried different consequences for individuals and businesses alike. This paper will examine different power advantages that arose from the data provided by this technology. Facebook’s social contagion experiment will be used as a mean to demonstrate that thorough ethical behaviour establishes trust between client and business, which can only be maintained with absolute integrity. Additionally, real-life situations will expose the consequences of misusing social media at work. Finally, social media will be examined as a business application for the internet of things, also called machine-to-machine communications, which offers an innovative way of enhancing an industry’s productivity. Title In…show more content…
This paper will demonstrate the importance of ethics, trust and privacy within the social media context, as well as its harmful and beneficial potentials. The principle of gaining informed consent originated from the Nuremberg Code of 1946 after it was revealed that prisoners of war were abused emotionally, physically and mentally by German researchers conducting unethical research on them (Beals, Sebring, & Crawford, 1996). The main principium of this Code of ethics insists on informed consent as an imperative to ensure the protection of the research participants’ rights, as well as their general wellbeing. These rights include, but are not limited to, the potential participants being well informed about the project, about their right to decline or withdraw at any time during the research, about any possible risks associated with the research, and their rights to expect absolute privacy and confidentiality (Vernhagen et al., 2005). Occasionally, there is a fine line between right and wrong, and deception must be applied to collect data. In the Facebook experiment, for example, covert research could have been properly used to study the social contagion phenomenon. However, once the data was acquired, the
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