The Impact Of Social Media On Marketing

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In the information age, social media is likely to play in the main role in people’s lifestyles as consuming, traveling, keeping relation even working because people usually search information through it before making the decision. So, the marketing strategies to promote product have to adapt method following the changing time. Promoting product through the social media is being the proper choice for marketers in this period to approach the goal. The success of brand markets tends to apply social media by using Facebook to approach costumer for promoting, increase sales, advertising and brand recognition. This essay will talk about how necessary of social media for marketing, the best way to combine social media into brand marketing…show more content…
(Fortune, 2014) However, they are minority successful companies that do not mainly use social media like Facebook to do their marketing. For example, in 2011 Domino pizza has more fan pages (4,328,185 followers) on their Facebook than Pizza hut (4,948,767 followers) but their market share is less than Pizza hut around 4% (He, 2013) ,owing to Pizza Hut spending more budget on advertising in the same year than Domino pizza over $49 million. (Adage, 2012; Adweek, 2013) As stated above shows the marketing strategies cannot use only social media, but also use other strategies to best result by combining them together. The marketer can communicate mostly information that they need customer know including their promotion, their event or their advertising by integrate these marketing activities through social media in many channels. Social media are divided into 3 types which are blogs, social network sites and content communities. (Smith, 2012) This essay focus on 3 top users of social networking site that are Facebook (900,000,000 visitors), Twitter (310,000,000 visitors) and LinkedIn (255,000,000 visitors) which have many visitors in one month. (Ebizmba, 2014) From statistics, Facebook is the most popular website which in June 2014 has about 829 million users a day. (Newsroom, 2014) Starbuck who has a big fan pages on
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