The Impact Of Social Media On Marketing

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Throughout the centuries the advances of technology have drastically changed the marketing field. The 21st century was revolutionary for the development of social media. With the expansion of social media, the marketing world needed to successfully reach a new audience. Before the advances in technology, marketers had no interaction with their customers. The marketers would simply throw advertisements in the face of the consumers. This strategy would result in short-term results and give businesses no true way to measure their work. Social media gave marketers an inexpensive way to advertise that interacted with customers and measured the effectiveness of an advertisement. This however meant marketing no longer consisted of a one-sided relationship with customers. Marketers had to sail into the uncharted waters of consumer needs. By interacting, understanding, and communicating with customers, marketers began to see the impact of social media had on marketing.
Marketing is the driving force behind the consumer economy. Marketing is based on four key points: product, price, promotion, and placement. These are the key elements that any marketing strategy can be broken down into. Production focuses on giving customers what they need.
“In marketing, this is accomplished through research, including using surveys, focus groups, and demographic analysis. The goal is to answer questions such as: Who makes up our audience? What challenges are they facing? What solutions are they
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