The Impact Of Social Media On Modern Society

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Social media is a dynamic form of communication that breaks physical and geographic boundaries via mediums that allow individuals to commute from anywhere at any time. Its popularity is a phenomenon that continues to grow as it encourages participants to exchange content and ideas thus making it a very engaging form of communication (Everson, Gundlach & Miller 2013). I will be assessing my current use of social media, drawing conclusions from the ‘Stripling model’ to identify how my practices will change as I develop into a health care professional. In addition addressing the regulations implemented by the ‘Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency’ (AHPRA) to further strengthen my understanding of the necessary requirements. I feel my dependency for social media has increased as a result of its growing popularity. Due to social media becoming more ingrained into western society, I no longer perceive it as a luxury but rather a necessity. There is an underlining obligation that exists, pressuring me into conforming as a means to be socially accepted. It is these factors that contribute towards the manner in which I engage with social media. As a student, I participate in social media through course forums that promote the collection of ideas often formed from the weekly readings. I however also use social media for social networking, informing and entertaining myself. Using sites like ‘Facebook’, ‘Reddit’ and ‘YouTube’ makes the distribution of content easily
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