The Impact Of Social Media On Organizations

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The use of social media in organizations’ websites cannot be underscored. According to Barnes & Mattson (2009b), embracing social media in organizations is not an option in business strategic planning, but a necessity and huge opportunity. This is because most of the organizations are using social media to change the way they carry out public relations and other practices. The paper is focused on Starbucks Corporation that is an American worldwide coffee company. Starbucks offers coffee houses that are chain based in Washington and Seattle. Additionally, this corporation is the largest company that offer coffeehouse globally; it has not less than 20,366 coffee stores in more than 60 countries; 13,123 of the stores are in U.S, 793 are in U.K, 1,299 in Canada and others stores are in China, South Korea, Mexico, Thailand, Taiwan and other parts of the country. Consequently, it is important to examine how the company employs the use of social media to meet the demands and the needs of its customers. From their sites, it is evident that Starbucks have devoted its resources to social media; as a result, the company is able to engage various stakeholders in dialogs on Twitter, Facebook, and Google. From the site, at the bottom you can access the three social media by clicking on Facebook, Twitter, and Google icons provided.
From the history given in Starbucks ' website, the company was opened in Settle in Washington in 1971 by three business partners: Jerry Baldwin (English
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