The Impact Of Social Media On Organizations And Business Essay

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Research topic Social media Impact on organisations and business Abstract: In this Research paper I am going to discuss about the Impact of social media on organizations and business. In this paper I am going to start from the initial stage of the organizations technologies and how they are promoting their technologies and products using the different kind of forms. And how the organizations and the business are going to interact with the customers easily through the social media and also the there are negative shades along with the positive shades on the organizations. While many organizations think that they are much influenced by the impact of social media on them, as the recent studies and statics proved that. Examples of the different organizations and business which are got effected by social media are discussed in this paper. The ethical issues related to social media on organizations and business are also discussed in this paper. And the different effects and the positiveness of the social media also discussed. And the conclusion for overall impact of social media on the organizations and business are well discussed. Introduction: In the earlier days the organizations are mainly planned according to the customer’s needs and about the adopting the new technologies for their development of their business. Then dint even think about the social media in that stage. When the social media was introduced
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