The Impact Of Social Media On Overtime Americans

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Overtime Americans has always been searching for happiness, but many of them struggle to find the happiness they truly want. Happiness is the quality or the state of being happy. Sometimes we struggle to find happiness due to technology, money and perfectionist.

Today technology has impacted society both positively and negatively by reducing face to face social interaction. Our cellphones allows us to post personal information, pictures, and post comments anonymously. Anything posted online can be seen by anyone at any given time, and can remain online forever. Social media has also became a distraction to both young teens and adults “Social media is a powerful procrastination tool” (Shah, 2016, para. 3). This quote explains how social media
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Many people came to the psychological reasoning that money can buy happiness. For many years researchers have concluded that Americans look at wealthy people, and think they are more happier because of their wealth. People concluded that wealthier people have greater fulfilment, laugh more and have much more experiences. Sometimes having money pushes people into a state where they become more focused on achieving their personal goals without any help. Brooks states that “Happiness lies not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement” (Brooks, 2013, para. 23). During this quote Brooks states that having money in your possession does not define the joy of your achievement. People can have the basic livelihood and be happy and no one would even know. Many people struggle to live the modern lifestyle because they’re too busy trying to be like the next person. In order to get money people would go above and beyond such as theft, torture and even murder. Doing things such as theft, murder and torture can be thrilling to some, but in reality they are struggling to be happy. Joy can also be caused by others “Happy people get a lot of joy from receiving benefits from others” (Smith, 2013, para. 7). In this quote Smith explains that people can also receive their joy from the benefits from other, and not just money. To have the possession of money can cause one to struggle to find their…show more content…
Perfectionist is a person who refuses to accept any standard short perfection. Being perfect can be very addicting to some. America believes that if you do something better than others you will be happy, and now stop trying. What people lack to understand is that once one has started a standard of perfectionist, you now want more for yourself. Wanting more for yourself means people will go above and beyond to do so. People strive to be perfect to avoid judgement, shame and blame. To avoid being judged, shamed or blamed people concluded they will do things such as eating less, adding more makeup, working out more etc. Today’s society promotes how we should look, weigh and how much we should eat on the daily. What does not bring happiness should be removed (“Don’t be afraid to remove who are negative” (Shah, 2013, para. 11). In this quote Shah states that all are negative should be removed. Removing negative aspects is a good start because things that weigh down are no good. Not only does perfectionist cause people to strive to be the best, but struggle to be happy as
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