The Impact Of Social Media On Society Essay

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The evolution of technology in the 20th century brought many innovations. Among them is the social media. Essentially the 21st century revolves around these social media as individuals, corporations, and government agencies use these avenues to communicate and pass messages to their audience. I am an ardent user of social media too. Through the years that I have used social media, the sites have had a myriad effect on me. As expected these effects cut across both sides; some are positive effects while others are negative effects. However, the power of social media cannot be underestimated. With the ever increasing technological awareness among people, there is a possibility that the world will be connected through the social media. Twitter and Instagram are the top social media platform that I use frequently. Essentially Twitter constitutes of millions of users that help me to connect with people all over the world. On Twitter, a user has to ‘follow’ another user whom they want to view their posts. In essence following implies to subscribing to another user’s posts as they will appear on your timeline. As such, Twitter helps me connect with people I deem important in my life. Most of my friends are also on Twitter. Thus when we want to keep a conversation we use Twitter to connect with one another. One of the major features that makes me use Twitter is the ability to subscribe to tweets from organizations and agencies that matter in my life. In essence, Twitter relays

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