The Impact Of Social Media On Society

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Imagine a world where there is no social media, no way to share your funny stories. However a lot more than your dank memes would suffer, people 's entire jobs are making companies look good on social media, gone in an instant. Things are constantly changing, and here its for the better, people are moving toward creating a universal style of translation via Skype, it is self learning and a great example of the modernization of the world (Bailey). In addition to this, Computers have been proven to help keep people 's minds sharp as a tack, some aspects are simple enough for even beginners to understand. Such as a Skype program which connects people with people and could be used by an older person due to its simplicity (How Using Computers Can Help Keep Your Mind Sharp). This leads us to believe that social media is beneficial to society because it provides medical, economic and scientific opportunities that prior generations did not have access to. Even though this is a fairly new market, it has risen to the forefront of the above fields. This is stated best in a quote by James Andrews, "News, information, and thoughts, I would even argue, travel through the social media tapestry and connect with people," (“Why We Can’t Ignore Social Media.”). This quote shows that this new interconnecting network attaches all of us to new ideas, maybe some of which we do not agree with. However being pushed to think more of our own ideas, lets us form better judgments of our self. One of
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