The Impact Of Social Media On Society

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In recent years, technology has played an important part in our lives and has influenced us tremendously. One of the ways in which it has impacted our lives is through the use of social media. It seems like social media has become an important part of our lifestyle. We use it everywhere from being in classrooms to being at work. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat have become a habit for many individuals across many ages. Although, social media is widely used amongst the age group of 18-29. In today’s society, almost everyone is expected to have one of these networking sites either for personal use or work-related use. These sites have extremely influenced our lives in both positive and negative ways.…show more content…
They are the ones who mostly see these dangers of social media. First of all, social media has become a great tool for marketing. Today, almost every business uses social media to advertise their products and brands online. According to the article, “21 social media marketing statistics you need to know in 2017”, it states “There are 40 million active small business pages on Facebook and 4 million of those businesses pay for social media advertising on Facebook”. Social media is creating opportunities for small business to reach their customers more easily. Businesses have the opportunity to advertise for free or pay these platforms to reach a wider customer base. On the other hand, many individuals use social media which companies take into account. Therefore these companies have come up wit a strategy to market to customers online. It is easier to get to those targeted customers from these sites rather than advertising through television or the radio. Social media also gives the opportunities for companies to have a closer connection with their customers online. The Internet is becoming number one in advertising surpassing television advertising. Businesses have the opportunity to advertise through the internet at a cheaper cost. It helps them raise brand awareness for their products. Networking sites like Facebook are not the only way to advertise, but few businesses use Twitter,
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