The Impact Of Social Media On Society

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In 1968, popular artist Andy Warhol had brought to attention his opinion on the over-populated celebrity society of the time with his quote “In the future, everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes”. Times change, and the future approached, but Andy may have underestimated just how true that is. Nowadays, the quote has been translated to fit the modern times, “everyone will be famous for 15mb”. The quote being changed to that says a lot about the times that we are going through right now, which is the age of technology. ‘Mb’ (megabyte) taking the place of ‘minutes’ inside the quote expresses the general idea that society has become dominated by technology. With the growth of technology rose many things that have helped shape the world positively, only one of them being the increasing use of social media. Social media, even though relatively young in its days, has made a major impact on the ways society interacts. The rising use of social media has brought about a more involved and informed human population. This is a direct result of giving the human population a stage in which anyone can create and utilize a unique voice for themselves. There are many things that can be brought up when it comes towards arguing about the positive elements that social media has introduced to society and this paper will help bring some of them to attention. A few of the many positive conditions of social media are that it has effectively helped to shape the future of education, brought…
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