The Impact Of Social Media On Technology Essay

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Negative impacts Social media relies heavily on advanced communication and information technology that work seamlessly in the process of building and supporting technological literacy. A study conducted by Ahn (2011) stated that a person cannot be engaged in meaningful discussions and keep the use of technology without effectively developing advanced skills such as troubleshooting, information evaluation, mediated communication, and others that will all be connecting learners to valuable economic contributors and a connected worldwide economy. As students have become enthralled with social media, their daily attitudes and behaviors have also begun changing. Studies have shown that most students that are frequently on social media sites are more likely to utilize drugs and alcohol, become violent, and become highly sexually active as well (Ahn, 2011). Today it has become the norm for modern technology to highlight numerous acts of violence such as riots, gun battles, sniper attacks, and acts of physical abuse. Excessive users of social media are 94% more likely to have engaged in a physical fight (Fischer, & Reuber, 2011). Such acts of violence may result in students and teenagers becoming more aggressive in their everyday lives. Using social media not only leads to violent behavior but has caused both emotional and social changes. Social media, especially Facebook, has resulted in students becoming heavily addicted. And while many individuals would argue that drugs and/or
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