The Impact Of Social Media On The Workplace

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In today’s society, it is crucial for employees to understand the significance in the use of social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook. This subject will discuss the primary reasons companies allow the usage of social networking sites in the workplace. It will also explain the positive impact social media usage has in the workplace, such as allowing communication to a broader audience. In addition to the positive usage, this topic will also explore the negative implications usage can cause. Because social media is still relatively new, there are not many laws establishing the proper guidelines for these sites in the workplace. Scholarly articles such as the ‘Workplace impact of social networking” examine the effects of not establishing said policies, an error which results in an unhealthy work environment. Ultimately, employees can positively influence the workplace by using social media if they have the proper guidelines to follow.

Introduction and Problem

The usage of social networking sites in today’s society has reached new levels due to the recent advancements in technology that are available to worldwide users. Because of the improvements in technology, it is common for many businesses to make adjustments to its policies and procedures to meet the needs of their customers. This strategic planning allows the companies to reach new audiences, a strategy which further enhances the company’s relationship with its customers.

However, as with many new…
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