The Impact Of Social Media On The Business Marketing Essay

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This research studies the impact of using social media on the business marketing compared to the television and posters and billboards along the road sides in terms of the customer influence and the costs involved the both prospective. The research covers the most basic content in the areas of customer’s application of social media sites when finding out about the products. The major sites that are considered are facebook and twitter usage by the different companies and customers to get their services satisfaction. The research considers the possibilities of making success using the sites to make promotions of the new products. The comparison is between the four companies that produces both soft drinks and hard drinks as our company. They form the major part of our competitors in the market and thus understanding their strategies gives us a better ground to analysis the requirements to outdo them in the market. The research aims at reaching a conclusion that will enable the company president to allow the usage of facebook and twitter to communicate with our customers. The findings shall be presented for further discussion between the president and the executive board to reach a conclusion after several considerations and consultations. The findings are also expected to open the door for further success of the company. Introduction The use of social media to facilitate the progress of the business continues to create more impact to businesses making different companies

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