The Impact Of Social Media On The Workplace

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Abstract Social Media is a platform for people to create and exchange information. It is the collective communication channels dedicated to community –based input, interaction, content sharing and collaboration. It is the latest technology in which many people and businesses use to communicate. Social networking sites will continue to grow in the coming years. Because they have become an integral part of society, they will eventually become a fundamental part of the workplace (Craig, 2010). Through this paper I will express the negative and positive impacts of social media in the workplace through hiring, supervising, risks, and benefits. I have gathered information from different sources to support my research, such as online lectures, articles, textbook and recent social media incidents. Social Media in the Workplace Hiring Over the past years the talent acquisition process has been introduced to social media. Job boards such as LinkedIn and other (ATS’s) applicant tracking systems are websites where candidates can post their resumes, so they can apply or be selected for an open position. Google! Google is America’s most popular search engine anyone and anything can be googled. There are more devices connected to the internet than people on the earth (Mooney, Online lecture). In our online lecture, Professor Mira Moody she stated that at the time there
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