The Impact Of Social Media On The Criminal Justice System

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The Impact of Social Media on the Criminal Justice System
Media and Crime Writing Assignment
Derek Q. Mahaffey

University of Tennessee-Chattanooga

30 November 2016
The Clifford Harris video, Warzone, is a thought-provoking video that documents not the killings of blacks at the hands of law enforcement but, rather, the unprecedented scenario of cops targeting everyday white folks. Viewers are taken through a few disturbing scenes, including reenactments of the killings of Tamir Rice, Philando Castile, and Eric Garner, only with white citizens playing the tragic victims. The video is a call to action for white citizens to wake up and witness the "Warzone" that exists in plain sight for minorities in this country. The subject matter of the aforementioned video was brought to the attention of America by utilizing social media as the primary outlet. Today, the criminal justice system has come under tremendous scrutiny due to sophisticated methods of communication, which is social media. Law enforcement tools have progressed from wanted posters to police radio, and social media networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Live, and Instagram. Community policing has reached a new level because of social media in an effort expose rogue police officers, locate those that are missing, alert neighbors of suspicious activity, provide information to the public of crimes committed in their neighborhoods, and offer an accurate record of police activity. The social media
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