The Impact Of Social Media On Young People Essay

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Social media is a term that is utilized in describing the interaction between individuals or groups where they produce, share ad sometimes, exchange ideas in virtual communities and the internet. The consequences of social networks on young people have become significant. Most of them have grown up surrounded by mobile devices and also interactive social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and also Instagram which has made these social networks a critical factor of their life. The social network has transformed the manner that students interact with their parents, their friends and also how they utilize technology (Correa, Hinsley, and De Zuniga, 2010). The world has become a global village. From the conclusions made in the study done by Mangold, and Faulds, (2009) it is clear that very person is connected to one another in this broad network that is generated by the internet. The developed electronic independence has recreated the world in the image of a global village. The electronic independence is mainly dependent upon the web. It consistently illuminates the lives of several thousands of people through spreading knowledge in an international spectrum, thereby making every individual a global citizen. Boyd, (2014) stated that in the past, the communication process and free sharing of thoughts among people were hindered by long distance, religion or nationality. But currently, event these issues cannot stop the flow of knowledge and information. The current system
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