The Impact Of Social Norms On Our Behavior

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There are many ways in which people can influence our behavior, and as we have learned before, the presence of others and how they behave tends to set up expectations in our minds for how people should act and behave. “We do not expect people to behave randomly but to behave in certain ways in particular situations. Each social situation entails its own set of expectations about the “proper” way to behave. Such expectations can vary from group to group” (Saul McLeod). Social roles are the parts that people play as functioning members of a social group. “With each social role you adopt, your behavior changes to fit the expectations both you and others have of that role” (Saul McLeod). Social norms are the unwritten rules of society which…show more content…
I had the perfect opportunity to violate the norm of personal space, and this is because I work in retail. While working, it is my job to go up to people and socialize, this entails asking if they’re finding everything in the store okay, or if they need help finding a certain product within the store. I was the actor, and I conducted my research for my project on a night when I was working a closing shift and not an opening shift. I did this because I did not want to area where I was working to be busy, I wanted it to be slow that way I could focus on reactions, and see if there were any patterns of behavior among those I violated. The setting was the retail store where I work, which is Rite Aid. I made sure I was wearing my name tag, and I was wearing my usual work uniform which consisted of khakis and my blue pop top that featured my name tag labeled ‘Ashley’. I made sure I looked professional so that customers would automatically realize that I was an employee and not just a stranger. I did this in hopes of seeing if certain reactions that customers gave were either hostile or diminished due to me being an employee violating their personal space. Personal space is an unwritten courtesy that almost everyone knows to respect. Here in America, it is considered rude for someone to violate someone else’s personal space. “Per research on the psychology of personal space, the distance around each of us can be divided into 4 zones. The one closest to ourselves is the
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